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Welcome to Chefs Binge: My Culinary Adventure

Step into Chefs Binge, my online kitchen corner. Here, I share some of my favourite recipes, designed to appeal to food lovers everywhere. Every dish is thoughtfully cooked, captured, and described by me. My goal? To give you the best food experience filled with my professional knowledge.

About Chef Lukasz: From Krakow to the UK

I was born in the scenic city of Krakow, Poland, where my early love for food was nurtured by simple treats like Pierogi from “Bar Mleczny” and morning pretzels on my school commutes. Now living in the United Kingdom, I’ve expanded my love for food, as the UK serves as a global hub for diverse cuisines. This melting pot of cultures has allowed me to blend my dishes with flavours and techniques from all over the world, enriching my culinary journey.

My Cooking Journey

With unwavering dedication, I’ve honed my cooking skills, drawing inspiration from the incredible individuals I’ve met from different backgrounds. In 2019, I accomplished a Level 3 Chef De Partie qualification through an 18-month course at Chefs Academy. This comprehensive program, in collaboration with Baxter Storey and supported by Holroyd Howe (part of the WHS Limited group), didn’t just enhance my culinary skills but also provided deep insights into food production. Through workshops at various locations, I had the opportunity to visit fish markets, slaughterhouses, organic farms, mushroom growers, butchers, and even fishing boats. These first-hand experiences broadened my understanding of the food industry, from farm to table, reinforcing the importance of each step in the journey of our meals.

Executive Head Chef: Steering Multiple Culinary Teams

Now, in my role as the Executive Head Chef, I take pride in leading several teams across multiple kitchens at a top private school in London. Beyond crafting nutritious meals for both students and staff, I also have the privilege of designing gourmet dishes for special events, catering to as many as 180 guests. This leadership role has allowed me to merge my love for food with the responsibilities of overseeing diverse culinary operations, ensuring excellence at every level.

Sharing My Love for Food

When I’m not in the professional kitchen, I love trying out dishes from around the world and sharing them through my photos. My first website, Insight Flavour, got attention from people everywhere, leading me to start Chefs Binge to offer an even better experience for readers.

Staying True to My Roots: Memories from My Grandparents’ Farm

As a child, some of my fondest memories were forged on my grandparents’ farm near Krakow. The rustic charm of the countryside, the chirping of the birds, and the fragrance of freshly tilled earth are memories I hold close to my heart. It was here that I learned the significance of fresh produce and the labour that goes into nurturing each crop to maturity. From hand-picking ripe tomatoes, watching the golden grains sway in the breeze, to feeling the warmth of freshly laid eggs, these experiences deeply ingrained in me a respect for fresh food and its origins.

Each meal on the farm was a celebration of the day’s harvest. We’d gather around the table, savoring dishes made from vegetables plucked just hours before, relishing the genuine flavors that only fresh ingredients can impart.

Carrying forward this tradition, I now grow my own food in a dedicated space. Tending to my garden, I experience the same joy and satisfaction as I did back on my grandparents’ farm. From sowing the seeds to harvesting the produce, every step reconnects me with my roots. The vegetables and herbs I cultivate not only find their way into my dishes but also serve as a constant reminder of the purity and authenticity that fresh, homegrown ingredients bring to the table.

As I continue to explore global flavours and techniques, the lessons from my childhood and the essence of fresh, homegrown ingredients remain at the core of my culinary philosophy.

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Łukasz is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about website design, food photography, recipe development, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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Welcome to Chefs Binge! Crafted by a dedicated Polish chef, this blog is your gateway to global culinary delights. Dive into a world where delectable recipes meet captivating photography. Discover, savour, and be inspired!

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